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Learning and education are a constant process where newer subjects and domains evolve every single day. With an increase in complexity and data, education software development, too, has advanced. Our expert educational software developers build competitive eLearning products to keep you ahead in the market.

Give a Digital Boost to New Age Education and Learning

Institutes and organizations in the education and learning sector thrive on a new strategic approach, accurate data storage and exchange, customized services, and agile infrastructure. is a top Education software development agency that provides skilled remote developers for hire. With our creative education and learning software solutions, you can build a unique experience to offer an innovative and cognitive approach to students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Being a renowned software development company, we house professional and experienced dedicated developers who power up software tools by blending them with machine learning, artificial intelligence, hybrid cloud computing, and enhanced data management. Explore and offer an all-new learning experience to your users like never before.

Challenges our Education Software Development services provide Solutions to

An array of challenges are faced while building quality and customized education IT solutions for schools, institutes, universities, and individual tutors. It is chiefly due to the complexity of the education and learning sectors which involve many stakeholders and live audiovisual streaming.

Seamless communication and uninterrupted live sessions are the pillars of any education or learning app that drive the tool to its success. Here are the challenges that our quality software development solutions for the education industry help you overcome.

Professional environment

Highly interactive and intuitive learning and education application is a challenge. Our digital classroom teaching offers a friendly yet professional approach.


Accessibility to useful content, materials, and mock tests is an important factor; our education solutions overcome this big challenge and smoothen the user experience.


Educational mobile apps and website portals hold tons of data. We offer secure login, payment, and personal assignments assured with robust software security.

Engaging UI/UX

The stakeholders of the eLearning software and portal are many. In other words, we address a big concern to intuitive UI/UX for students, administrators, teachers, and mentors.

Multilingual support

Virtual classrooms have no boundaries and online learning reaches every learner sitting in various corners of the world; hence, multilingual support is what we offer to overcome the challenge.

Data & Security

eLearning and education sector has data that keeps on growing. Live streaming ends up with recorded sessions; hence, our learning solutions handle an enormous amount of study materials, tests, and assignments.

Get Digital Solutions for your Education Institute

Cyra tech Education and Learning App Development Service

With unprecedented consequences of the pandemic, social distancing became a norm that changed the working and learning practices. eLearning emerged as the only option for the education sector where technology helped learners and educators unite on a unique platform where they can share valued information. is a top mobile app development company that is committed to providing you with highly intuitive education and learning software developed by our experienced developers.

Classroom Management

The Education Mobile App Can Have Unique Features Such As Classroom Strength And Presence, Homework And Lesson Management, Assignment Tracking, Timetable Management And Many More.

Study Material Management

Assignments, Study Materials, And Homework Can Be Assigned And Tracked Just In Time. Uploading Files And Folders And Sharing Them Is Possible.

School Library Management

Managing A School Library With Hundred Of Books Is Easy With A Customized Education Solution.’s Solutions For The Education Industry Are Available For Catalogs, Book Titles, And Return Records.

Transportation Management

Integrate Transport Management In School Management Software For Smooth Handling Of Routes, Vehicles, Drivers, And Live Tracking.

All-In-One Communication

Customize Your School Management System With A Seamless Communication Facility. Bring On Students, Librarians, Teachers, And Other Staff On The Single Board.

Accounting And Fees

Facilitate Parents And Other Associates With Online Payment Options. Manage The Entire Accounting On The Go With’s Objective-Oriented School Management Software.

Benefits of eLearning Solutions

Whether you are an education institute or eLearning firm, you can hire education and learning software developers to build customized solutions to reach maximum users. Our eLearning consultants help software engineers build strategically-driven education software application to improve student success while reducing overheads.


With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the accuracy of evaluation of assignments and mock tests can be achieved.


Interactive tutors, through digital platforms, can provide better assistance to students who are learning new skills and seek understandable information.

24/7 support

Students indulged in studies need sudden help to solve their queries. Round-the-clock assistance (chatbot or humans) is possible with the eLearning app.


Newer designs such as user interfaces for dashboards and new learning experiences make learners involve enthusiastically. As a result, productivity increases.


Powerful and accurate analytical tools in education apps and learning software help businesspersons carry out strategies for better student engagement.


Cloud-based eLearning solutions help you get a strong and safe backup of data including students’ profiles, assignments, mock tests, and confidential study materials.

Want to hire remote resources for your Education software?

Education and Learning Solutions are to Rule the Future

While almost everything is going digital, education and learning will surely make its way to digitalization where institutes, tutors, teachers, and students, shall actively participate to make the learning of all kinds better. The advent of contemporary technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Virtual reality (V.R.), Augmented Reality (A.R.) and the Internet of Things (IoT) shall augment and reform the entire education system where studying subjects will be interesting and fun. With our proven expertise, our sleeves are up to get on to any on-demand solution for the education and learning industry. Here are the challenges that our quality software specialists in the education industry help you overcome.

Elearning apps

school management

Steps to Hire Educational Software Development Company

We make sure that hiring remote Education and E-learning software developers from requires little effort on your part. Here’s how you can hire dedicated developers for your online education and learning software.


Contact us to discuss your business objectives


Discuss the project, its feasibilities, hiring model and cost


Build your own team of developers; your choice, your selection.


Transfer money as per terms & conditions


The project begins immediately with milestones defined.

Learn about the price to develop Education software

Choose the ideal Model to Hire Education Software Developers

Cyra tech is one of the high-quality Education Software Development & eLearning service providing companies based in India. We provide budget-friendly model for hiring Education software developers. They are listed below.

Hourly Based



Case studies

Our works that shed light on our skill-set, successful work methodology and technical proficiency

App for Healing with Modern Music and Stories

The exclusive application was developed keeping the present issues of mental stress in mind. The application was customized to have access to various genre of music that are calming and relaxing. Users can listen to the music and stories to pacify their unwanted mood swings for whatsoever reasons. Highly soul-soothing music therapy to relieve anxiety and stress of all kinds.


Toya is an exclusive app developed for the farmers more interactively to help the farmers in booking tractors and farming equipment. It is a user-friendly and multi-language app where the farmers can choose their language and book the tractors of their requirement. The app also has the options for the farmers to review, refer, and earn.

Buddy Jane

BuddyJane is an exclusive mobile application for the cannabis community to connect with friends, social groups, and like-minded people to explore and find new business opportunities. This interactive app offers the users to share post and pictures, chat or group-chat with the other users and find new local opportunities to deliver cannabis.

Customer Testimonies

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Have questions on Education & eLearning Software Development?

what all education and learning (Elearning)solutions do you offer ?

We are a renowned name in developing custom software solutions for various niches and industries. For the education industry, we build quality online eLearning apps, virtual classroom solutions, mobile learning apps, remote learning websites and portals, education apps, school management software, and education software maintenance and support.
You can get to know more about our education and elearning services here.

our education system is diffrent from others ,how do you develope the software then ?

As said earlier, Cyra tech is known for its customized solutions and services. We can develop an eLearning application as per your business requirements. Our business and tech consultants shall study your current education system in place and prepare a roadmap to develop quality software solutions accordingly. Our dedicated teams of developers can help you build a powerful and scalable education application. Whether you are a Japanese school that believes in teaching moral education or an Indian school with a K-12 education system, our bag has everything great to offer you.

What is the cost of developing an education and elearning software application?

It is difficult to provide an accurate cost and time estimate for education and e-learning software development. The education and elearning software development cost depends on a lot of factors like the location of the remote developers, the size and complexity of the application and the number of third-party applications that need to be integrated with the education software solutions.

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