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Healthcare is one of the sectors where accuracy is paramount. Dealing with people’s health and lives is a responsible task. is a healthcare app development company that provides you with customized healthcare app development services. We build quality healthcare software to create a better and healthy society.

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In the past few years, there has been a paradigm shift in methods of patients’ data collection, storage, maintenance, management, and analysis, encryption, and visualization through customized healthcare mobile app development.

Such a contemporary digitized healthcare ecosystem has demonstrated the potential to not only redefine disease prevention but also improve the accuracy of diagnosis. The evanescence of obsolete methods of keeping medical records is not unknown. In efforts to provide safer medication and make treatments more effective, customized healthcare informatics solutions focus on a personalized and patient-centric approach.

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At Cyra tech, we have made a name for ourselves as a premier healthcare app development company. The credit for this goes to our rich experience of working with patients, doctors, EHR mechanisms, prescription systems and pharmaceutical systems.

The remote Healthcare app developers at possess impressive functional expertise in patient and doctor applications built on the rudiments of healthcare information systems. We build quality healthcare solutions for new hardware, wearable, cross-platform or native iOS and Android apps. With intensive experience, we have proved our proficiency in healthcare software solutions that make doctors, healthcare providers, and hospitals more efficient in patient care.

Wearable Healthcare Apps

Utilizing the advanced technology of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT), we develop wearable mobile apps for better communication and quick alerts. Saving time in healthcare is saving life.

mHealth Platform

We excel in building comprehensive mHealth platforms that seamlessly works with other modules and third party APIs to render best User Experience (UX). Patient’s safety is our priority.

Third-party APIs

We help you build scalable healthcare mobile apps that go smoothly with third-party applications such as payment gateways, mobile health platforms, and many more. Augment the usability of your native apps with third-party APIs.

Custom Healthcare App Development

We strictly adhere to multiple healthcare compliances such as HIPAA, FDA, and HITECH to meet international safety standards. Get your apps customized to your hospital, clinic, or laboratory needs.

Healthcare Application Maintenance

Our skilled medical and healthcare apps developers can re-engineer existing healthcare systems and maintain high-quality medical software to keep your patient care intact and flawless. Such maintenance strengthens the bond between you and your patients.

Backend and Storage for Medical Apps

We excel in deploying modular backend for doctors, hospitals, and individual healthcare providers. Utterly customizable, our custom medical solutions can be deployed on secure servers including AWS or dedicated server.

Healthcare Software Solutions at speed of life that are Future-Ready

Our Healthcare App Developers build Compliant solutions

The medical field deals with sensitive data. Many countries have created laws to govern the data flow in medical apps. As an experienced healthcare software development company we understand this. This is why we ensure that the medical apps that we build are compliant with the laws of the land. The following are the various compliances that we adhere to during healthcare app development.


HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is a U.S. law that provides data security and privacy provisions. If your app is going to deal with the data of U.S patients, then it needs to be a HIPAA-compliant app. Our medical app developers have required expertise to build a HIPAA compliant app.


The US FDA says that in case a mobile app is built to perform a medical device function, then it is subjected to FDA jurisdiction. Our expert developers know this and do healthcare app development according to the FDA rules.


Hire remote developers from to build BYOD friendly healthcare app solutions. Control PHI in a secure environment by taking assistance from our team of healthcare experts who specialize in mobile device management strategy.

SaMD (Software as a Medical Device)

SaMD is software that performs a medical function. For patient app development, the International Medical Device Regulators Forum has given certain guidelines. We, at, follow all these guidelines when we build apps for the healthcare sector.


HL7 or healthcare 7 is a set of international standards that are used for sharing healthcare data. When you hire healthcare app developers from us, you get an HL7 compliant healthcare software application.


General data protection regulation or GDPR is a set of regulations that governs the way the data of EU citizens is utilized. At, we do telemedicine app development according to GDPR regulations.


The HITECH Act was enacted in 2009 to promote the meaningful use of health data in information technology. We are a professional custom healthcare software development company that builds HITECH act compliant products.


DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is a communication system used to exchange medical images between various medical equipment and information systems.

Advanced Healthcare Apps Development Cycle

Dedicated Healthcare app developers at possess impressive functional expertise in the development of patient and doctor applications built on the rudiments of customized healthcare software development services.

Dedicated Developers That Makes Complex Healthcare Technology Simple

Top Healthcare apps solution we can build for you

When you hire dedicated developers from, you gain access to a wide range of healthcare app development services. Let’s have a brief look at the kind of healthcare apps that our remote developer’s team can build for you.

Appointment Scheduling

An all-in-one appointment scheduling application that requires minimal human intervention; you can save a lot of time and manpower without compromising on patient flow and quality services. An automated appointment booking system can provide your patients 24/7 assistance

Personal Health Record

Patient data tops the chart of any healthcare provider’s priority list. Secure personal health records by making foolproof healthcare mobile apps. We ensure the best possible solution to enormous data with greater security. Nevertheless, you can grant special privileges to anyone at any time.

Hospital Management Systems

From nursing solutions to bed management systems, our technology experts can build quality mobile applications customized to your nursing home, private clinic, or chain of hospitals. Monitor and manage all your patients and their records through Custom Healthcare Solutions securely.

Online Ordering

Contactless ordering of medicines or healthcare services is now possible through online medical ordering applications. Online consultancy and touchless therapies are on rage these days. Receive consultation or healthcare service order, offer secure payment gateway, and provide solutions online.

Fitness Tracking

From measuring heartbeat to blood pressure to oxygen saturation, we develop classic fitness tracking applications that help your patients stay fit and alert. Encourage your clients with fitness tracking devices and mobile applications developed by best healthcare app developers.

Telemedicine and Communication

With online consultancy getting popular these days, the latest tools and technologies have improved telemedicine and communication in healthcare business. Our dedicated healthcare software developers built customized telemedicine applications for hospitals and doctors.

Medical Insurance

Tailor-made medical insurance software helps in providing crucial information on refill benefits, tax savings, and comprehensive plans for individuals and families. At, our healthcare application development team can make scalable mobile apps for health insurance for faster settlement of medical reports, cashless facilities, and medi claims.

Medication and Vaccination

Don’t ever forget the medicine or vaccine dose by offering your patients powerful mobile apps for medication and vaccination. We provide advanced custom healthcare app development for medication and vaccination app development to track your patient’s record.

Emergency and First Aid

Timely alerts can save patients’ lives. Build robust applications that prove to be life-saving in emergencies by providing necessary first aid or alerting concerned family physicians. There is also in-built information that advises patients to act promptly in an emergency. Save time, save lives.

Women’s Healthcare Applications

Treat your women patients with special care as they deserve the best. Customize mobile apps for women’s health and safety to improve their health condition. Give an extra edge to your healthcare apps by focusing on women’s physiology.

Diet, Nutrition and Regimen

The effects of medicines are drastically reduced if the patients don’t follow the regimen prescribed by you. Diet and nutrition tracking apps developed by our engineers can help you by providing healthcare IT solutions focused on diet, nutrition, and the regimen.

EHR (Electronic Health Record)

EHR software stores critical patient information like blood pressure and heart rate readings, the details of previous medications and surgeries, and other data related to patients. Our healthcare software engineers will build efficient EHR software that allows doctors to get critical patient information whenever they require it.

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Healthcare IT Statistics And Figures

Healthcare IT is a big game today. In the past few years, the sector of healthcare has seen some unprecedented growth. Here are a few stats and figures about the healthcare sector and information technology –

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Our works that shed light on our skill-set, successful work methodology and technical proficiency

App for Healing with Modern Music and Stories

The exclusive application was developed keeping the present issues of mental stress in mind. The application was customized to have access to various genre of music that are calming and relaxing. Users can listen to the music and stories to pacify their unwanted mood swings for whatsoever reasons. Highly soul-soothing music therapy to relieve anxiety and stress of all kinds.


Toya is an exclusive app developed for the farmers more interactively to help the farmers in booking tractors and farming equipment. It is a user-friendly and multi-language app where the farmers can choose their language and book the tractors of their requirement. The app also has the options for the farmers to review, refer, and earn.

Buddy Jane

BuddyJane is an exclusive mobile application for the cannabis community to connect with friends, social groups, and like-minded people to explore and find new business opportunities. This interactive app offers the users to share post and pictures, chat or group-chat with the other users and find new local opportunities to deliver cannabis.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Healthcare App Development

Why is HIPAA compliance needed for mobility solutions in the healthcare industry?

HIPAA is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that recommends the standard for confidential health data protection. If you are building any mobile application that has to do with patients’ data, the data should be encrypted at all times as mentioned in HIPAA regulations.

What are the common types of healthcare application you develop ?

There are a number of healthcare mobile applications we develop on Android and iOS platforms. A few to name are mentioned below:

  • Doctor/Patient apps for appointments of all kinds
  • Bed Management System, Hospital Information System, and Nurse Station Management
  • Apps to monitor chronic conditions (diabetes/hypertension/thyroid)
  • Fitness Apps (jogging tracking, heart/BP and pulse-oximeter)
  • Yoga, women’s health, and weight-loss apps
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • RFID healthcare apps
  • Wearable device healthcare apps
Are healthcare mobile app evidence based ?

There are comparatively a small number of scientific studies done on the majority of health applications that make any solid evidence for their efficacy. Nevertheless, that does not invalidate any mobile application. If done with research and provided before developing the healthcare mobile apps, they can certainly comply with the evidence based medicine mobile applications.

Android or iOS? which technology to go for?

Android has a large user base across the world while iOS has a significant user base in North America and Europe. You should first assess where your users are concentrated, and then take the call of whether to go for android or iOS. Another good option is to go for cross-platform app development.

The healthcare app development cost is halved with a cross-platform app as one app works both on Android as well as iOS devices. Thus, you do not need to build separate iOS and Android native apps.

what is the cost and time estimation of healthcare app development?

It is difficult to provide an accurate cost and time estimate for healthcare app development. The healthcare app development cost depends on a lot of factors like the location of the app developers, the size and complexity of the healthcare app and the number of third-party applications that need to be integrated with the app.

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