Privacy and Confidentiality is dealt with utmost seriousness

Ensuring strict guidelines to ensure confidentiality

Understanding the privacy and significance of our client’s confidential information, makes sure to use the information offered by our clients in the most resourceful way. We believe our customer’s confidentiality as the vital aspect of a long-term relationship with our clients. We give the guarantee to keep our client’s IP during the complete project cycle.

Non-Disclosure Agreement with Clients

To keep the confidentiality and security of information, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is implemented by our company with the client. All personal information is properly valued. Our resources intentionally explain,

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDAs) with Employees

Confidential Document Control

Direct access to public mail systems is not permitted, and pen drives/writers are limited on all desktops and laptops. For utilizing the personal drives, it is essential to produce prior written authorization from the project manager.

We take a random check of emails that are sent from an administrator mailbox that exceeds enabled size (with or without attachments)

Use of Information

We use to maintain client’s information and their projects linked data. These data will remain protected with We can use these data for some in-house reasons like server maintenance, site traffic, and client communication. The permission for this use of information is collected from the client at the beginning of development work.

Policy Change

We hold all the right to change, correct or alter our policy either partly or totally as per the conditions. However, we cooperate with our clients by informing them about any major correction in the policy that may affect their confidentiality with us.

If you have any queries regarding client confidentiality policies, please feel free to drop a mail at